[EF#11] Outfit Of The Day – Well, Not Really…

This is gonna be my first entry for BEC – Blog English Challenge. Woohooo…

And, this is not a real #OOTD pic since it was taken on last February.

it was a lunch gathering with colleagues in Ikan Bakar Cianjur – Alam Sutera

I wore:

hijab: FB Zirraa Muslimah

top: FB Yessimostik

pants: FO in Rest Area KM 13,5 Jakarta-Merak Toll Road

shoes: IG @eblouirshoes

bracelet: IG @ardellemarket

I love sporting simple, comfortable, effortlessly stylish (uhuk!) look. As Indonesian living in Tangerang, we live in a very humid environment that rains a lot. That is why to wear a comfortable and simple look is the safest and wisest choice. But still never forget the stylish part 🙂

And as you read above, you can see that most of my items I got from online shops. Yeah.. I have a confession, I am an online shopaholic. Hehehe..

So yeah.. This is it, my blog post for [EF#11 – Weekly Challenge] Outfit Of The Day

6 thoughts on “[EF#11] Outfit Of The Day – Well, Not Really…

  1. Wow, online shopping! I am still quite hesitated in doing the online shopping thing–maybe because I’m kind of afraid :hehe. But we have to choose the seller carefully, to minimize the risk of fraud, right?


    1. Off course, Gara. That is a mandatory thing to do: to select the online sellers carefully. Online shopping is quite addictive and exciting, especially the part when you receive the package. It’s like you got the present, only you yourself paid for it. Hahaha…

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